Be Clear

Short sentences. (Even sentence fragments.) Simple words. Lack of jargon.

Little paragraphs that can be skimmed. 

Readers skip around. They ignore large blocks of text. They approach every piece of writing with their own expectations. 

Their ideas might conflict with what your organization wants to communicate. Even the most painstakingly crafted communication can result in misunderstandings.

That’s why it’s so important to be clear.

Has your organization ever sent out a donations plea that was a dud? What about a press release that didn’t get picked up by any media outlets? An annual report that raised more questions than it answered? A grant application that fizzled? A job listing that didn’t result in the right candidate applications? 

Chances are that something got mixed up along the way. 

Clarity is important in written communication and in design. When the two work well together, each reinforces the other’s message. And the message is more likely to resonate with your audience.

You can work with a designer. You can work with a writer. But when you work with a design and writing team, each person brings their focused expertise to your nonprofit’s communications. 

Let the Flemco Design and Communications team work together to help you be clear.

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