Take a Position

Why am I reading this? 

That’s a question readers ask when they’re looking at something wishy-washy, an article or blog post that doesn’t add anything to the conversation.

You do not want people to wonder why they’ve invested time and energy in your communications.

Emotion and donation

Many nonprofits hesitate to take a strong position out of fear of alienating potential donors. It’s understandable: Provoking strong emotion can feel risky, and they want to cast as wide a net as possible. 

But emotion is directly connected to giving. Research shows that combining two emotional states (negative, like sadness, and positive, like strength) actually is “more effective as a means of persuading people to donate.” 

How do you harness that power?

By telling it like it is. Tying your organization’s mission to current events and taking a stand demonstrates your commitment to your community.

Writing and designing communications that some may consider controversial takes some finesse. You need to strike the right balance between evoking negative and positive emotions in your readers. That’s why it’s a good idea to have experts (like Flemco Design and Communications) in your corner.

Everyone talks about making an impact. Take a position and watch it happen.

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