How Can I Hire a Communications Expert?

Regardless of the state of the job market, it’s difficult to find people with Communications expertise who fit well at nonprofits. 

Put simply, it’s because most nonprofits don’t have the budget to hire experts.

So most nonprofits hire people at the start of their careers. Those people gain experience and move on to higher salaries. Then the cycle begins anew.

This has a few effects:

  1. It’s hard to gain momentum. You might have someone great for a couple of years, but when they leave, your Communications fizzle and take months to get back on track.
  2. They’re learning on the job. There is nothing wrong with the process of gaining experience as you go. But it can mean missteps or ineffective materials as the new person figures things out.
  3. Maybe they’re great at one thing—but not so good at another. Your Communications manager could be an excellent writer but have no design knowledge or vice versa.

You don’t have to choose between budget and experience. You can hire a full-service team (design, writing, analysis, strategy, the works) to provide Communications on a project basis. 

At Flemco Design and Communications, we work with you to figure out a plan, and then we bring it to fruition. You get next-level Communications for the price of an inexperienced full-time employee—or less, depending on your needs.

Excellent Communications, budget friendly.

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