Can Just Anybody Do This?

Everyone learns to write when they go to school. It’s one of the three Rs, right (“reading, [w]riting, ‘rithmetic”)? 

How many words have you written today without thinking about it? Maybe thousands.

Most people who wind up working for nonprofits are good writers. They know how to build sentences and get their point across to an audience. Many of them were even English majors at school.

The same goes for design. Lots of people have a decent eye. An endless number of apps can help anyone put together marketing materials without having special knowledge.

But there’s a difference between casual and professional writing. And there’s a difference between homespun and professional design.

What makes an expert?Time dedicated to the craft, experience, education, and a dash of talent. People who have worked as professional writers or designers throughout their careers have all those qualities. They know what works and why.

So even though you may technically be able to write the copy for your brochure or design your website using a template, you will not get the same results you would if you took advantage of professional knowledge.

Work with experts and watch your nonprofit grow.

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