Be Consistent

One of the biggest Communications mistakes a not-for-profit can make is taking a stop-and-start approach. Maybe you post to your blog regularly during a slow period, but you get busy and before you know it, you haven’t uploaded anything in more than a year. The same goes for social media.

When it comes to Communications, it’s important to be consistent.

Consistency increases the chance that you’ll reach your audience. It allows you to repeat and hone your message. It gives you the ability to spread the word about all the great things you do and why you do them. 

And, best of all, it helps you grow. It keeps your work top of mind for both donors and the people you support. It helps you recruit new workers as you need them.

The message consistency sends is that you are reliable in all aspects of your business. You take time for outreach, and you care. 

But we understand why not-for-profits can be inconsistent with Communications. Most organizations are running lean, allocating everything they can to community support. That’s where a company like Flemco Design and Communications can help. 

Flemco acts as an adjunct Communications team, helping with everything from strategy to execution. Having someone like Flemco on your side helps you to be consistent.

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