Be Focused

How do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite. How do you write a report? Bird by bird.

Tackling a big project, like an annual report or new website, can seem overwhelming. When your organization does an enormous amount of good for your community, you want to share all of it—and it can be daunting to break down the process.

That’s why we at Flemco Design and Communications suggest that organizations focus on many small communication projects produced all throughout the year.

That strategy helps your nonprofit showcase its many good works individually. This can be helpful not only for generation of larger communication projects—but also for the health of your organization.


Focusing intensely on one facet of your organization can reveal both its strengths and weaknesses. Exploring the various viewpoints of your donors, volunteers, and staff will help you determine where your organization makes the most impact.

You’ll naturally become aware of information that you can use to increase donations and finetune your mission.

Communications is about outreach and awareness, yes. But many people don’t realize how strong the connection is between a focused communication strategy and your organization’s ability to grow and serve the community.

Take advantage of that connection.

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